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Mumpy14, Apr 20, 11 3:45 PM.

There are a few things that I stress about being in a Guild. One of those is to promote active communication. When staying actively communication wise, we should use all forms of communication available to us. Forums, Ventrilo, Facebook page etc…

As you join Protectors of the Ward, Please go to the Members Forums and introduce yourself, talk about yourself and if you feel inclined, post a picture of yourself.

Just so everyone gets a feel for who their GM is, I'll give a brief description of myself and how I see us forming.

For those that have been with me for the past 6 years playing World of Warcraft, this won’t be a huge surprise!

As in game, in Real Life, everyone just calls me Mumpy

I’m 44 years old, I feel 64 years old and I act 24 years old.

I retired from the Army in 2006.

I’ve been playing MMO’s since Asheron’s Call where I led the Knights of the Northern Kingdom on the Harvestgain server. This was a very large Monarch, the largest I’ve ever ran, we had some alts that made up as Rank Alts but even still, we had 1500 Members on the Charter.

I left AC to play WoW where I formed Mags Marauders two weeks after retail and led Mags for 4 years. Mags was the largest guild on the Windrunner server and we were very successful, just not as successful as others, hehe. After the Expansion the first time, Mags split up and because it was so large when it split, two other guilds were formed and Mags still was in tact. I then decided a Server Hop was called for due to Windrunner dying off and myself and my friends moved to Zul’jin and formed Faith which is still being ran to this day by one of it’s long time members.

Long story short… I took a break from WoW due to personal things going on in my life and came back when RIFT Was released and decided that instead of looking for a guild, I would create one to the exact spec I would prefer.

Protectors of the Ward was formed.

The Guild I want will have enough Casual Members that we will raid 5 days a week and if you can only raid two days a week, that’s perfectly fine. I feel that when you recruit Casual Members those members whom can only raid at most two or three times a week. So if I recruit someone because we’re a casual guild and we raid Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and that person can only raid Tuesday and Friday, they end up missing out!  I want a guild that raids 5 days a week so everyone can enjoy what we and the game has to offer.

The one thing I have always said as a GM is, we’re a Raiding Guild. Well, this guild is going to enjoy everything RIFT has to offer and one of those things are Warfronts. We will do guild wide Warfronts each week. We will also do Guild Wide Rift Closings each week. If RIFT Offers it, I will find a way for us to enjoy it.

For a Casual Gamer, every minute, every hour you get a chance to spend in game is important to you.  I want a Guild that when you log on that Tuesday evening there is something for you to participate in, if you desire.

Everything I’ve listed all sounds good on paper and that’s fine, but I want to be the first to say, I can’t do any of it alone. I not only want you to help, I need you to help.

The First step in all of this process is bonding as a Guild. Currently I’m recruiting you all and hand selecting those that I feel I would like to hang out with outside of the game.  I figure if I can hang out with you outside of the game then we’ll get along great inside of the game.  Let’s bond as a Guild and I look forward to leading you towards that one common goal.


Realm of the Fae

Mumpy14, Apr 15, 11 10:02 AM.

Last night I had the pleasure of encountering my first instance in RIFT. Realm of the Fae, or as most of you have seen in Looking for Group channel… RotF. I must say that with a good Tank and a good healer makes this instance fun and for the most part easy. What I found very intriguing about the instance was, although I was only level 15 and the group was made up of level 15 – 20, it felt like we were taking on a high level instance that we have experienced in other MMORPG’s. The dynamics for boss fights needed to be treated with respect. Tanks had to face bosses certain directions, The group couldn’t stand in certain areas, such and such had to die first. It was good to know that even though this was a low level instance, you couldn’t just go in there and Tank and Spank everything in your path. Props to TRION for this!


So, if you’re looking for some decent Loot while doing something fun, may I suggest grouping up with fellow Guild Members and taking on the RotF! From what I seen, you need one Tank, One Healer, and 3 DPS. Having a Mage is nice to have as one of those DPS but I don’t feel it’s at all costs necessary.


Here is the Wiki Page for the instance, read up and enjoy.

Realm of the Fae

15 Man Vent Purchased

Mumpy14, Apr 15, 11 9:05 AM.
This morning I purchased a 15 Max Capacity Ventrilo Server for the Guild. You can download the client below to the Right. Inside the Members Forums I've created a Thread that will give you the password to enter the Server. 

Enjoy, Mumpy

Protectors of the Ward is currently recruiting all classes

Mumpy14, Apr 13, 11 10:07 AM.

Protectors of the Ward (PotW) is a Casual Gaming Guild created with the mature players in mind. The Majority of us are 30+ in age; The only requirement for Membership is you are Mature, Friendly and Active. We enjoy Online Gaming and we also realize that work, family etc... Sometimes takes priority. Because of this, it is important for Members of PotW to recognize the Play Time we do have is Play Time well spent. We are looking for helpful, friendly members that want to build something special from the ground up.


Since we are a new Guild, we currently are recruiting all classes at all levels. If you feel that PotW is a type of Guild you have been looking for please don’t hesitate in applying for membership or /tell Mumpy in game.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to hearing from you.

Protectors of the Ward has made its home on Faeblight

Mumpy14, Apr 13, 11 9:35 AM.
As of Tuesday the 12th of April 2011. The Protectors of the Ward have made Faeblight its home.
Currently PotW is recruiting all classes. We are looking for Mature members that enjoy Online Gaming.
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